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A lovely gift, from a very dear friend. ❀️ Look at this a...

A lovely gift, from a very dear friend. ❀️ Look at this amazingly lush #philodendronbrasil ! I love Brasils, they're one of my favorite Philos. And I love that this one is in a hanging basket! Can't wait to see how far it'll trail down.
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2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I love philodendron Brazil! It’s so beautifully lush and it can turn any space into an amazing jungle. It’s also such a fast grower! 🌱
@JesssJungle wow whoever sent you that must have a heart of gold πŸ’› what a lovely plant 🌱 I love that there can be such friends ! I have someone I only know from Greg app telling me they are sending me a β€œcare package β€œ and yet I’m said to be in the most isolated city on the planet world 🌎!!! But even if they don’t send me anything, it is so lovely that they even considered such a gift 🎁 such a warm and loving community and I am so glad you have received one of the Greg App Plant Store plants. Can’t wait for them to arrive in Australia but in the meantime I am enjoying the lovely gifts and plants being sent by Greg Store
Photos of some lovely planty gifts I saw recently.
So does your new Pilodendron Brazil have a name yet?
I know, everyone on this app is so lovely!!! 🏡️ Yes, I named her Zooey! 😁
@KindLeucophyta yes they are so beautiful! And like you say, grow so fast!
It’s so luscious! What a great present.
@Seymour great book
@Plantcatcrazy Hi Nicole, do you have a copy of the book? It looks pretty good and extensive when I had a quick look through its pages. A bit pricey but definitely worth it in my opinion.
@Seymour yes I have a copy, very in depth and good resource!
I want one so freaking bad