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Was thinking about taking Pearl out of quarantine today and then found a red and black bug crawling on her... I crushed it before I got a pic(sorry)... What would y'all do? It kinda looked like a boxelder bug but I'm not really sure. #stringofpearls @RJG
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Maybe use dawn soap on the stems and soil? Dawn is often used to make sure that ticks/fleas don’t jump onto an animals head, so using on the stems may work similarly. Also have you tried neem oil? ❀️
@Succulents4eva Neem is too expensive for me so I tend to use soap & oil in water... Will give that a try. πŸ–€
@sarahsalith I can't remember who the SOP folk are... Halp πŸ˜…πŸ–€
I would have to have seen the bug πŸ˜… one bug isn't a big deal though if it's just one.
@RJG so far that's the only sign of pests I've seen in the nearly two weeks she's been here. My hubby and his bestie were outside grappling in the grass last night and might have brought him in with them, not really sure. It was either a boxelder or an assassin bug given what I just researched. I looked at like 50 different bugs and those were the only ones I saw that resembled what I saw on Pearl...
@RJG Was kinda like this but with more red. Definitely long legs and long antennas(sp?)
I just saw it and went "not in my house!" πŸ˜…
I agree with @RJG - usually one bug isn't a big deal. Just keep your eyes open!
Okay @sarahsalith I'll leave Pearl in quarantine for a bit longer just in case and keep my eyes peeled for any intruders (:
@WickedValkyrie I LOVE Natria insecticidal soap. I keep it on hand for almost all the creepy crawlies on my plants. It's so amazing. οΏΌ
@sarahsalith never heard of it but will look into it!! πŸ–€
I hope you husband is enjoying his time home!
@sarahsalith oh he is. (: anything is better than being in the middle of the desert! Lol We spent all day at the beach with his best friend... I'm very crispy. Lol

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