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Is this a good potting mix? I’m going to repot the ones that need it with my bunny’s natural fertilizer too help aerate the soil. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #PlantTherapy #
That looks good, but if you can find an indoor plant mix that would work too. Another good thing is to add perlite or other drainage materials and adjust according to the individual plants’ needs. 😊 That’s what I do!! I use the controversial miracle gro with some additions and my plants love it! 😁
I like Espoma brand and agree with @tango to add perlite to help with aeration and drainage
They have organic indoor potting soil. Try Home Depot
I love epsoma and like they said always always add some more perlite. You can get a big bag cheap on Amazon
Espoma is pretty popular in my local plant shops so I assume they’re doing something good! They don’t seem too bad at all but I’ve never tried, but hey anything is better than Miracle Gro 👀
Summer Rayne Oakes (YouTuber/plant influencer) uses it and promotes it so I’m pretty certain it’s good stuff!

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