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I don’t know why it doesn’t feel well. It is all wrinkled. It is winter and cold now here in Virginia. So I do not want to overwater this plant.
Just hold on tight and don’t add water, I can see new growth which means it’s not in dormancy mode, she shall be fine
Did you make this plant using play-doh?
@S4r4h when I got it from Home Depot it looked well with no wrinkles. I reported to new nice pot on Christmas.
@Hmoursy when I was repotting it, the plans did not have any new roots.
@vvvelo do you mean there was no roots at all, or roots was too small, can you clarify ?
@Hmoursy there were only dried roots.
What’s your soil mix?
@Hmoursy I use Miracle-Gro® Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix
I guess that’s more of rocks with no peat or coco coir, just water it with the soak and dry method, and give her enough sun light and be patient she shall survive
@Hmoursy no rock there. Just bare soil and some perlite
@vvvelo mmm alright, but you covered the soil with some decorative pebbles right?, give it time man till it dries out, that’s a cactus and they do thrive in the dry soil
@Hmoursy I am watching it. I guess this plant doesn’t want to grow in my house.
@vvvelo just be carful with watering, it’s a cactus and remember cactus thrives in dry soil
@Hmoursy Thank you for your comments. Yeah I know about succulents and watering. I try do not water them too much in winter. This is my second try to grow this plant. Previous plant has the same symptoms.
@vvvelo good, so keep your hands off water with this one 😂 and she will survive and thrive as well
@Hmoursy I hope 🤞😂 if not, then I will change my tactics.
@Hmoursy OMG I found out what is going on with this plant. It needed a good soak in water. I watered it well 2 days ago and now it looks firm no wrinkles at all 🤩🤩🤩 I’m surprised that this plant still requires a lot of water in winter, while it is growing by the chill window.
@vvvelo ooh forgot to tell you, keep me posted 😀

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