Posted 1w ago by @Prettyplanty

May have over watered! I have never had this plant before… are they resilient or is she a goner?
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Hello, these plants certainly don’t like wet feet. However, that’s rarely the case with leca. You can discard the excess water which may be touching the roots directly. Only fill the reservoir to below the root level.

Leca will automatically pull the water to the roots through capillary action.

Another thing a lot of people get wrong with leca is fertilising. Leca doesn’t have any nutrients if it’s own, so you must regularly add nutrients to the water for the plant to be able to maintain itself.

Hope this helps, happy growing!
I just switched it from soil to leca so maybe it was too different from the moisture in the soil. I did empty the water to barley touch the bottom on the leca. I hope it perks back up 🤞🏻
@Plantoholic I do fertilize:)
Oh, that makes alot more sense. It’s probably just some transplant shock. Some plants take it better than others. You may notice some roots becoming black and melting away. It’s normal for the plant to shed some older roots since they’re for soil use, in order to promote new water roots. I believe I read it’s called ‘root melt’. You can choose to cut it away or wait for it to melt away. Either way I believe the plant will perk up soon.

Happy growing!