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And meet Puff, a tiny baby aloe, that I rescued from near...

And meet Puff, a tiny baby aloe, that I rescued from near death at a local thrift shop. He was sitting by the register getting zero sun and zero water. She said to take him. He got to ride on the dash of my car for a couple hours and now he has a new home. Hoping he pulls through. #AloeVera #NewPlants #NewPlantMom #RescuePlants
0ft to light, indirect
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 hours ago
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Hi there! @nellz4estfairyz
Nice rescue!!! I love this pot too! I actually have it. I drilled a hole in it with a diamond headed drill bit so that it would have drainage. Draining is important, so you may want to re-pot it into a small plastic cup with holes or small nursery pot and then put it back into Puff. I’m glad you rescued this cute Aloe and glad it’s getting β˜€οΈ!
@SunnyPlants yeah, I was thinking about repotting it, first I’m just waiting to see if it lives. That is hilarious that you have the same pot! I thought it was so random. It’s a puffin right? Drilling a hole it is a great idea. I’m not sure what my plan is yet. Thanks for the advice.
@nellz4estfairyz I think it is a puffin. It’s super cute!
Omg that puffin pot! 😍 I have been to Iceland and seen puffins! They are sooo cute! Hoping the best for your little aloe friend
Mine needs a new plant! 😊 @nellz4estfairyz
I even crocheted this little fellow a while back πŸ€ͺ we call him stuffin the puffin! My roomate just moved to Denmark from Iceland, so it seemed fitting to make him a little puffin, that is now living on our lamp πŸ€ͺ
@Linx cute!
Remember to water it often and keep it near the sunlight or else it might still die
I hope it survives!!
@nellz4estfairyz Just saw this post again and thought I’d see how Puff is doing. Any improvement?
@SunnyPlants when I brought him home I put him right in a sunny window and he started to change color, for the worse. I assumed it was too drastic of a change in lighting so moved him to a northern facing window and his color has actually returned to normal. I also took him out of the pot and found 1 major root was rotted and 1 was broken. 😒 (for such a tiny plant this is a lot of drama! lol) at any rate, now he’s living in a shot glass with water and hydrogen peroxide, trying to grow new roots. I refuse to give up on this little guy!
@nellz4estfairyz That was good thinking about the light situation!
I kinda thought it might have some root rot, I’m guessing you cut the rotten root off, but hey, that broken root wasn’t rotten, so there’s still hope! I’m glad you’re not giving up on this guy! 🌡πŸͺ΄πŸ’š