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#HappyPlants Water Day for 19 plants! Give or take. Even tho #Greg reminds me, I only use as guidance. I still do my finger test before providing drinks. I work not to dismiss plants that weren’t apart of the day’s watering reminders also. Because #Greg learns, I think this helps make him most accurate with reminders. Check out a few of my babies bottom feeding 💗 #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #
I’d never rely on Greg schedule. I totally ignore it. I’ve heard too many plants died following their schedule
@Kwanna This was my nice way of saying DON’T, lol 😂 I see it soooooooo often. &Im like nooooo, don’t do it - reconsider!
I’m not nice. I’ll probably get kicked out of here like I’m banned from Facebook. I’m on the autism scale and I blurt things out. I try to be nice but it never lasts 🤨
You’re doing something right. Your plants are gorgeous 🥰
I had 19 today as well!! Good job. 😊

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