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I am not sure who to tag on this. I have been on here long enough to get ideas from many of you and have β€œmade” my husband attempt to put up a plant shelf for me. I have so many plants to bring in from outside soon and don’t want them to be too crowded at he windows, though they will be. I have a large amount of plants that I have acquired and grown over a long time that I have found at various stores or taken cuttings from friends or my own plants. I have been taking pictures of the β€œoasis” and will start sending the pics to Greg soon; right now I just have one, my ponytail palm, on there. Here is my issue today. Yesterday in going for the shelf stuff and more pots I need, I acquired some new tiny plants and want the best advice on, first, what they are called (complete name) and what is the best way to take care of them. I got the first two at my local nursery and the next two at Home Depot (who, btw, were awful with the plants there; they were toppled all over each other in layers and overwatered. Some had no light. I felt so bad for them and wanted to take them all home. Like when I go to a pet store……) I am going to try to get the pics on here and please comment on any info you want to share about them. What I already know: (I may mix up the pics and names may be in wrong order): Alocasia that is pink; anthurium with pink flowers; crassula; peperomia ferreyrae. Then I have 2 pics of the alocasia African Mask that I have had a couple weeks, why is the newer leaf looking so sickly? Then a Hoya Kerri I have had a couple weeks whose leaves are curling a bit at the edges and I don’t know why. I see I need a new post to send the last pic. #PlantAddict #AlocasiaAddicts #Anthurium #Peperomia #Hoya
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Based on these photos I would say your first one is a pink syngonium. There are a few varieties but it looks like my strawberry cream.

The next looks like a silver squill.

The third I'm unsure.

The last one looks like an Alocasia Polly.

When you upload a plant to Greg it scans the photo and tries to tell you what it is, so as you upload things to your Oasis that should help you identify as well!
As for the health of your alocasia the photo looks like it's the oldest leaf that is yellow. If that's the case, that could just be a combination of the adjustment period and usual life cycle of the plant.
@PlantMompy. Thank you, I hope that is the case. I haven’t been mistreating it.
I agree the second one is definitely a silver squill
@PlantMompy Thank you for all your help. It was the first time I put pics in a post.
@BalancedBonsai Thank you! On the plant is says Crassula. I had never heard of that.
Crassula is a genus of succulent plants, but not one silver squill is a part of.
@AC73LoveCats this is my silver squill - crassula is a species and that breaks out into crazy particular plants of all kinds. I’m not sure if the silver squill is a Crassula but it could be. Another Gregger put me In Touch with the LeafSnap app. It’s free and has been sooo helpful 🌱it’s also really cool to watch it mature - the bulbs end up growing above the soil. And who couldn’t love its unique texture? 😍
@PlantMompy Interesting! So they had the name wrong. A silver squill is a type of, what?
@AC73LoveCats Greg is always learning and this is how we help :)
@BalancedBonsaiThank you! Yours is beautiful! Mine is tiny but I see the possibility of it becoming a gorgeous plant. What is the best way to keep it healthy?
@AC73LoveCats I only water when she’s dry on top and keep her in bright indirect light.I can’t wait see how much yours grows! I got this one in May and she has tripled in size πŸŒ±πŸ’š
Once you add it to your Oasis Greg will tell you its light needs, watering needs, pot and soil needs, fertilizer needs, etc. all on its plant card, so be sure to get it uploaded πŸ™‚
@BalancedBonsai Wow! A fast grower! Thanks, it will be fun to watch. I hav never had one of these. It is one from Home Depot. It was full of dried leaves when I first saw it.
@AC73LoveCats you will be so happy you got her. She’s one of my favs for sure 🀩
@PlantMompy Thank you. Before I do that with these new ones, I am preparing to put all my already existing plants on my oasis. And update the plant I have on there now. But I will. Thanks!
3rd is Peperomia ferreyrae (pincushion) 4th/5th looks like alocasia Bebe/bambino from the purple underleaf
BTW if you have pets alocasia and syngonium are both toxic to cats and dogs when ingested
@CoolJicaro Thank you. Yes, I have a cat and a dog.
Mentioned it cus I saw you're in the process of bringing plants in, and some pets are too curious and can get them in trouble
@CoolJicaro Our pug doesn’t go near them. Our cat stays inside and normally just chomps on the ponytail palm which doesn’t hurt the cat but the plant can’t defend himself so if I see it, I stop it. Recently though, with the palm outside, he has been sampling the lucky bamboo, which stays inside. So far he (cat) is ok. I stop it when I see it. Do you know about that one, should I move it?

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