Posted 1M ago by @FirstCanna

I’ve been so down lately because it seemed like everytime I bought a plant it had something wrong with it… I got this on Friday and I waited to repot it but when I did I found this! I’m so excited! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentLove
I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling that way. If it’s any consolation, we tend to keep our plants in quarantine for two to four weeks just to watch for signs something is wrong. Please give yourself sone grace. What we do isn’t easy but it’s therapeutic and rewarding. Every plant has its own learning curve. You’re more than likely doing very well and some plants don’t show signs of distress until it’s pretty far along. Give them love and gives yourself positive affirmations for trying. It’s all we can do. Btw, this plant looks very happy! Reward yourself for that. 🌿
That is so awesome!!! Cactus flowers are so pretty!! Enjoy your super cool plant thank you.🥰

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