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Can I save my agave x romanii 'Shadow Dancer'?

Is there any chance of saving this? What should I do to try? It’s an agave x romanii shadow dancer. Some of the leaves appear dry, others like I watered too much. It’s in a bright spot outside with part sun. Water every two weeks or so. #Agave #help
Is it getting direct sun? If not, don't change the spot. If yes, try moving it to a spot with no direct sun.

And i would definitely repot this guy into a smaller pot, this one looks way to big for its root system. The pot should only be a inch or two bigger then the root ball.

If you are repotting you can also check out the roots, they will tell you when something is wrong.
Remove all the soil from the roots and remove all the dead/mushy/smelly roots, those are most likely rotten due to to much water.

Then repot this guy whith fresh dry soil and wait a couple of days before watering.

Then if you water always check if soil is completely dry before watering again.

I think that's your best shot at saving it at the moment.
The leaves are yellowing from the tip to the center because it is patched. Give it a sip of water today. Wait three days. Give it another sip. Wait 5 days. Give it a sip. The pot it is in is too large. You may want to size it down when it’s cooler outside. Whatever you do, do not drench it with water. Agave can thrive in harsh, dry climates but be aware that you should monitor their tips to decide when to water. @user141fc969
Thank you!!