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#Anthurium #AnthuriumQueen #AnthuriumAssembly Hey Everyo...

#Anthurium #AnthuriumQueen #AnthuriumAssembly Hey Everyone! I just repotted this Anyhurium a week or so ago due to the old pot being too small. I also relocated it to my house from my clients. Do these roots look like root rot? I checked my soil and the roots and the soil was dry but it doesn’t seem like the roots have grown any since repotting. I also noticed I didn’t pack the dirt around it well. Also How often and how much do you water when there is no drainage holes? I have rocks set at the bottom to help create space for excess water away from the roots. The leaves seem to be browning in some areas, and the new growth seems to be drooping. Also do they need consistent humidity or would putting them in the bathroom during showers help?
0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Hello @RichlySeadahlia welcome to greg. First I would agree there's dome root rot there. You can cot these away and lightly spray the roots with diluted hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria. Use one part to 2 parts water. Repot into a chunky, well draining soil mix in a pot that has good drainage.They are much like orchids in this respect. They prefere a bright filtered sunny window east facing is best. No direct sun. Once your roots have recovered a tsp of cinnamon with assist with blooming. I wish you luck.
@Stall54Jo thank you so much!