Posted 4w ago by @YammieOf3

#AlocasiaAddicts #GregGang #NorthTexasGregGang I’m having a very proud moment and wanted to share this with everyone. So back in Mar/Apr is when I attempted the Alocasia journey. Well it didn’t quite work out for me I guess, but I learned that if you clip the top off and leave it alone a new plant will grow. And this is what I did. Patience and TLC is what has resulted in these babies.
Beautiful Yongie!!
Oh @jcPlantProper loves chopping alocasia πŸ˜‚
I lovvvveeee chopping
Wow! So many alocasia babies. πŸ’š
U mean the entire thing above the soil?
Look at all of them!!! Patience of Jobe over here.....and it it's paying off!!! Great job and what an inspiration @YammieOf3
@Orked yep

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