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Can someone tell me the name of this plant? #anthurium #B...

Can someone tell me the name of this plant? #anthurium #Bromeliad I can’t find this anywhere.
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Here you go! It is in the bromeliad family!
I’m not sure, but it’s gorgeous!
@elizabeth.myrrh it is! The tag it came with said its an anthurium. I used Seek and it says in the Bromeliad family but can’t find it either.
Wow! It’s really pretty! It definitely looks like some type of Bromeliad. I’ll bet someone here will know tho. #HappyPlants
I am hoping so! I’ve gone down the internet image search and tried Google Lens too πŸ˜…. I would love to know.
@BabeVila thank you so much!!!
@SynergisticFit you’re welcome!!! It’s so beautiful, I’ve never seen one before! 😍😍😍
@BabeVila I got it as a gift and knew the tag was wrong. I want to make sure I take of it as best I could. I really appreciate your response.
It’s beautiful 😍
@SynergisticFit Of course! 🩷
wow it’s incredible! 😍
That is absolutely beautiful
Idk but it is beautiful!
Scarlet star
Beautiful 🌿
What a stunner!
Bromeliad lingulata β€˜Francesca’ absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never seen a plant like this! How stunning I mean I just can’t get over the color and shapes! What a happy plant! Hopefully this ID is correct, it looks very similar!
Scarlet star seems correct ! Not sure if that is a common name for the ID I came up with (bromeliad lingulata) but definitely in the bromeliad family !
Scarlet star is its common name ! Hope this information can help you in some way ! What a pretty plant you have !
Bromeliad for sure and a beautiful one at that