Posted 1M ago by @Sassylimey

Weekend Android glitches
Seems on the weekends that Android glitches a lot, ugh 😩 #gregfeedback
It's every page today 😱😭
@Sassylimey thanks for sharing. If you close and reopen the app fully, does this still show up? If so, which version of the app are you on? (you can see if you view About This App from the Play store).

We’re rolling out an update on Android right now. It’s available to 10% of users and will be 100% next week. It has the new plant card and a bunch of other features.
Thank you so much @alex I'm really excited to see the new plant card and all the new features.
Those is the version I'm running from Google play store
Grrr I wish the pics wouldn't get cut off like that...I edited it Soo you can see @alex
@Sassylimey thanks for the details! If you close and reopen the app does it still not show you in Super Greg? If so we’ll look into it more.
No Alex, when I close and reopened the app that went away! Most odd πŸ˜‰
Oh I hate to complain, but again today 😩😱πŸ₯Ί
Now I'm sad πŸ₯Ή @alex I'm unable to post a question. It happens when I try to add photos.. My poor plant needs help 😱
@sarahsalith I'm unable to post, Android glitches πŸ₯Ή I hope I can post a couple pics here, I'm at a loss to know what to do with my pitcher plant 😳
@Sassylimey it's okay- the pitchers don't last. They become spent and start to die. You can clip off the dead part or the whole pitcher. They will continue to grow more. (:
@sarahsalith should I remove them tendril back to the leaf or just snip off the dead pitcher βœ‚οΈ
I really appreciate your help, Sarah, you're an awesome Greg friend πŸ₯°
@Sassylimey I clip them at the leaf, usually. The pitcher will just slowly die.
This is one that I cut recently. I love the pitcher plant because I peek inside sometimes and I see wasps! I immensely dislike wasps because they eat my bees and sting my children.οΏΌ
Great thank you @sarahsalith and the one dead pitcher, do I cut it off at the end of the tendril?

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