Posted 2Y ago by @GatherandGrow

Celebrating my Imperial Red's new leaf!

I cannot get enough of this new leaf on my Imperial Red! I know we are all enjoying #GregTurnsTwo and I would probably never have gotten this plant without the #GregGang, so I also want to celebrate #FreshLeafFriday! #PhiloFlock #plantsofthe40thstreetbungalow
3ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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Why Thank You! I did not know that I NEEDED this until now! #PlantWishList. I love philodendrons! I want them ALL!
@AwesomePlants yay!!
I just recently discovered that there a more varieties than I ever knew! I am discovering more and more that I love and I too need all the philodendrons!!
@AwesomePlants and Elizabeth - there are SO MANY PHILOS! Just joined #PhiloFlock, by the way.

I love all my philodendrons. They are amazing plants!

Which reminds me to go water my Congo!
Checkout these Philos @sarahsalith and @GatherandGrow'll make you ooooh and awwww and add some to your wish list.
@AwesomePlants so many beautiful plants! 💕ðŸŠī💕
@sarahsalith they are! I like the Congo as well!
@Jackhplants thank you!
Wow stunning #Red @GatherandGrow
@alex yes! I am constantly wowed by the color of this plant!
@AwesomePlants yes, thank you- because I need more plants. ðŸĪĢ
Did you get your imperial red online? If so, from where? ...asking for a friend... 😜
@AwesomePlants 😁
I actually picked it up at the nursery across the street!
@GatherandGrow I've been crushing on yours so I called around looking for one and ordered one today
@AwesomePlants I am so happy for you!