Posted 3w ago by @Wychylips

Peace lily help please? Why has she got some dark wilted areas on her leaves? Only about 2 have them. Is it over watering?
10ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Yes- overwatering shows up on the leaves as darker, softer spots. It's good that you have your plant in a pot with drainage; your plant will appreciate that.

As long as the new leaves are coming in well and no more leaves have the darker spots, I think you're okay.

If it gets worse, you can rectify it- peace lilies are very resilient.
@sarahsalith Thank you. She was very overwatered in the shop and inside a cellophane sleeve which likely trapped moisture so it might not be from me! I’ve been only trying to water when she feels dry. I’ll see if I can dry her out a bit before watering her again.
@Wychylips you're on the ball! I'm glad the plant is with you. (:
@Wychylips while waiting for her to dry out a bit, she will enjoy a gentle misting now and then ☺️
@Shaubplantshack Can I use mineral water? I don have a filter. I read they aren’t a fan of tap water misting because of the chlorine etc. I would try rain water but no rain for a while now!
@Wychylips you can use tap water. Just fill your misting bottle and let it set for a few days before using it. The chlorine will dissipate some.
@Wychylips I used regular tap water, but some use rainwater. Like at @Shaubplantshack said you can let it set out for a few days and most of the chlorine will dissipate some. My peace lily’s never have gave my any problems using tap water.
@KikiGoldblatt Thanks that’s great to know! I mean I have watered all my plants with my tap water and it hasn’t harmed any yet. (So far!) I’ll try the setting water out before hand to disperse the chemicals.
@KikiGoldblatt thank you! I have a peace Lilly, I use tap water for my plants but we have a spring house for water so I don’t have the chlorine issue. ☺️

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