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Just a few things making me smile today: small plants lov...

Just a few things making me smile today: small plants loving their new shelf by the window, all my #SnakePlant together on their own shelf (I really love my snake plants), my #ZebraHaworthiopsis in his cute pot, the new leaf on my #Aglaonema golden fluorite is finally unfurling πŸ₯³ (with puppy Niko playing in the background), and my #PandaPlant is loving life and thriving β™₯️ I hope all of you are enjoying your Monday #GregGang #Greggers #babevila
Lovely! Thanks for sharing these things that are making you smile today. How nice!
@SunnyPlants thank you for saying so! 😊 Sometimes when I’m in a funky mood, my plants are the best thing to lift me out of it (besides my pups!🐢)
@BabeVila Same for me!! And my kitty 🐱! You sharing this is a good reminder of beauty and good in the world!
@BabeVila, what kind of snake plant is Dean? He's very attractive.
@HeyLillie Dean, the little tiny one? I honestly don’t know! Lol someone gave it to me after severely overwatering it, and he had terrible root rot and now has barely any roots but I’m nursing him back to health. I never thought to find out what type he is, but now that you asked, I’m curious so I’m going to ask my brother (plant wizard). I will get back to you!
@heylillie I love them all so beautiful
@HeyLillie aaah he doesn’t know! He knows the Latin names for almost every plant so I thought he’d know but he said he’s not sure. If I do find out though, I will let you know! πŸ’š
So pretty Shannon!
@plantfinatic thank you!
@BabeVila is he one of these?
@HeyLillie wow! Originally I put golden flame but there’s another one that’s close! I’m going to investigate 🧐
@HeyLillie so it’s a toss up between golden flame and dwarf laurenti. I just can’t tell but here is a close up of him, what do you think?
Check these out.... he's so pretty.
Looks like a moonshine splash!
@HeyLillie I agree!
It’s the little things…❀️
the tiniest snake in the round pot is so precious!! i love them
My little 🌱
@Linette8521 Beautiful! I love your aloe!
@strawberrymoon thank you! He is actually a rescue lol. He has hardly any roots right now because he was badly overwatered by the previous owner, but I’m nursing him back to health. Apparently he is a Moonshine Splash! @HeyLillie figured it out!
@BabeVila aw he’s adorable nonetheless! and i’m glad you found him so now he has a chance to grow to his potential <3
And now I’m smiling. Thanks for sharing !
The owl pot is soooo cute! ❀️
Ooooo I LOVE your sleeping owl pot!!! Do you have a link?
@Elaine it says it has drainage but it really doesn’t lol so I had to drill a hole when I got it. But still adorable!
I know that there are 12 popular and 70 different types
Hi Shannon! I love the variety of your plants and pots!
@ExecAmurmaple thank you so much! I’m a sucker for a cute pot lol