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Hydra’s two new ‘heads’ are coming in nicely.

Hydra’s two new ‘heads’ are coming in nicely.
1ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 12 hours ago
@rjg btw I think I found the answer about a photo you posted showing a water droplet a new pad on one of your cacti a bit ago. Sorry, I’m copying and pasting for the first time- it’s just easier:
It was discovered that the cactus efficiently collects water droplets from fog using a “unique system composed of well-distributed clusters of conical spines and trichomes on the cactus stem”.7

This occurs because the cactus spines have an interesting effect on the water droplets. When micron-sized spherically shaped water droplets in the air land on them, the spine’s conical shape distorts them, forcing them into a clam-like shape instead. However, water droplets are inclined to be spherical, and exert a strong inward pressure to try and remain so. In opposition the surface tension wants the water droplet to be in the clam-like shape. The battle between these two forces pushes the droplets from the tip of the spine8 toward the cactus plant at the base of the spine, where the spine’s surface is less curved and the radius is larger.9 The cactus’s trichomes at the base of the spine then immediately absorb the droplets of water.