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Finally happened!!!
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I'm thinking about hanging mine. I have several kinds. I have one that's starting to hang and one that blooms a lot, but it's heavy. οΏΌ

I think I'm going to hang them and treat them like a burro's tail; they are very fragile.
That’s amazing!
Wow that one has a really cool flower. And I like the way the plant looks in general. Mine doesn’t look as spikey and cool. I need to find one like that
YES!!! Aren't they AMAZING?!
Oooh this is stunning β€οΈπŸ’ž I've been thinking about getting one πŸ€”
@Sassylimey you should. They are very easy to care for and the bigger they get the more often they seem to flower and once really big they should get more than one flower at once. Mine is still only producing one at a time but they’re getting bigger with every new flower it grows
I was searching just now @SirLiquorice πŸ˜‰
What a unique flower! Wow! How much direct sunlight does this cutie need? I am headed into the winter season and it gets bleak…
@sarahsalith I’m so so happy about this!!!
@MindfulMum I have mine under artificial light in an ikea greenhouse mod and it’s so so happy.
@sarahsalith I’m torn about how it grows laterally (creeping) and if I should put it in something where the growth can have better surface area support or if I should look into propagation. Thoughts?
@80twenty ooohh! I’m about to make mine! That’s so awesome. I will try not to run to the store now. 🀣
@sarahsalith wow thanks for the pics!!! Yes they are fragile but when they break they propagate pretty easily so maybe that is the move!!
Looks fake; in a good way. Stinky?
@SubAlp not yet stinky!

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