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I’ve been told I’m no longer a “normal plant person” 😩😩 my bf told me I’m a “plant enthusiast”. HE JUST CALLED ME A PLANT ADDICT 🥲

It becomes reality when someone else tells it to you 💀
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😂😂😅 I keep promising myself I won’t get more plants.. it never works.
@tango I really really tried. I tried so hard but I could not resist my snake plant. It called to me and asked me to take it home.

I’m sorry but as the days go by, the worse the itch to get a new plant gets. I think my bf is right. We are addicted to plants 😩🌿
@kscape 😂😂
@kscape yes!!!! Especially if it’s on major discount or a rare plant that the grocery store thinks is common… 🤭 There’s a plant store near me where that happens a lot, and that’s how I got my PPP!! Peep the new growth in 2 points- 🥳

Also this is a massive comment but I did something bad to my satin pothos that I most definitely won’t regret. 😂 It looks so cute… my hand doesn’t though. 🥲
@tango oh wow that’s amazing! What an awesome find omg 😍

Omg Pls update me on the bead lmao I need to know but it’s lowkey cute and ur hands as well 😌😌💀
@kscape haha thanks!! I definitely will. I think the stem won’t get bigger than the bead hole so it should be fine. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻
@kscape….own it and be PROUD!!!! I do!!!
@tango they’re pretty rugged fellows tho, the satin pothos. I hope so cuz mine looks ok but not really taking off. Good props to yours!
@Kwanna thanks!! She was 😫 for a while but I just pinned one vine around the soil to make her fuller and hopefully she’ll look better! 💕 yours is 🤩🤩
Leveling up 🙌
@tango what's THAT?!?? I've never seen a plant like the first one you posted
@ManyLime that’s my Philodendron Pink Princess! (I think that’s the one you mean) She’s a little unique and smol so she looks weird. 😂 Serenity is her name if you want to check my oasis.
@tango are u sure she’s a PPP? I hope she is and she does look like one. I just don’t want you to be disappointed. She could be a stromanthe triostar or a baby rubber plant. In fact I got a stromanthe triostar because it looked so much like a PPP which I can’t afford. Either way it’s a beautiful plant 💚💕💖🤍
@Kwanna she is! The tiny leaves there don’t quite look like it, but the big leaf is definitely PPP. And the lady at the store id’d it as that, just didn’t know it’s value. 😁 Definitely looks like the others!!
@tango well congratulations. Cool beans 💚
@tango i think @ManyLime is referring to this one? Is this also a PPP?
Yes the one @kscape posted
That’s usually the common response, along with “holy sh*t!” 🤣🤣

I just brought home two more plants even tho I said I was done 🥲 two pink variegated chinese Evergreens 🥹 the plant manager at the store just just done looking at them and decided the distress them all! That’s usually how I obtain mine.

That.. and I may or may not go into the store a teeny bit toasty (Walmart makes me nervous😬), which usually takes me to the sales rack 🤣
@Localplantlady AHH YESSS THE CLEARANCE WHILE TOASTED IS AMAZING. I love my sativas so the creativity with how I’m able to bring it back to life are endless 💀💀💀 but when it comes to reality, it ends up NOT working 😭😭
@kscape @ManyLime ah! That is a pitcher plant, though imnot sure what type… it’s late here but I’ll try and look for the label tomorrow! Another carnivore!
@kscape Plant Enthusiast or Plant Aficionado/a sounds so much more civilized than “Plant Addict”!!
@kscape don’t worry my husband told me our house looks like a jungle. He gave away 7 of my plants to his daughter. One was my marble queen pothos. :(
Ignore the HATERS, you don't need that plant negativity! 🤣🤣 I don't know why people act shocked that we are still bringing plants home! We 💚 plants, deal with it world! 🤣

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