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I have purchased some strip lights to put on the bookshelf where Oobi lives as she is starting to get a bit leggy (the bookshelf is about 3 metres from the window so that is not at all unexpected). I am thinking I am going to cut her back to where she is a bit fuller but not sure where I should actually cut. Which would you choose? A/B/C? Or maybe something else?

I’ve never cut any of my plants before so I am so nervous, but also thinking I might have a go at trying to propagate too, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. #adansonii #Monstera #ChopAndProp #Propagation #leggy
7ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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I say B and C! I am having trouble seeing if you have ant nodes above A. Do you have any pothos? If you do, clip some of that below a node and stick it in the water with these cuttings. You’ll have new roots and two new monsteras in no time!
Cut A,B and C! Prop them all and really make her bushy πŸ˜ƒ
If you don’t want to lose her length I would cut at the yellow mark. You always want to cut right above The aerial roots. And then you can simply take off the lowest leaf from the part that you cut, and place in water! Make sure at least one of the aerial roots are in water and change the water out weekly! You should have roots in a few weeks οΏΌ
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When you cut your plant, make sure you have nodes. We've had some success propagating cuttings with pothos cuttings which produces a water soluble growth hormone that enables cuttings to root faster when they're placed in water with pothos cuttings check out #sciencewithgreg
Happy growing 🌱🌿πŸ₯°πŸ’›
You may want to try and support it with a pole. It likes to climb in nature. Then less energy into stem support and more into leaves.
@PrincexDarg A was the newest leaf and there is a node there but it is very fresh so not as noticeable. I have given my golden Pothos a trim so she can help out and we will see how we go 🀞🏻
@Coolcatsnplants I was wanting to try to encourage it to cascade down my bookshelf, but if that doesn’t end up working I’ll just trim her back again and stake her.

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