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I have been struggling with work and mental health lately, but this weekend, SPIDER MITES also hopped aboard my struggle train! 🕷🚂 NOT THRILLED. These four babies have been thoroughly cleaned, neem bathed, and are now re-potted and quarantining pending re-introduction. Please send them (and me) your #HappyPlants vibes!! 😭 #PestControl
I live with mental health struggles myself (PTSD) and it’s not easy. I’m glad you posted. This is such a great place to come to when I need a boost. It’s so warm, supportive, and friendly. As for the spider mites piling on.. they’re wretched little beasts! I’m sending thoughts of their quick and complete destruction! 🌿🌱🌿
I bought the systemic bonide liquid because of spider mites yesterday. It claims to kill hard to kill pests and keeps them from coming back since it gets into the plants system and can’t just be washed off. Should be much better than neem oil or anything else. It cost me $25 for a little bottle but it can make about 16 gallons of spray.
Plus I had aphids really bad on a new plant and safer end all and bonide 8 weren’t working. They keep coming back. So now I brought out the serious poison. Just can’t use this stuff on any fruits or Vegetables or edible plants
@TruthfulApricot it’s weird that some spider mites are beneficial and the nursery nearby will release them into their greenhouse to control an infestation. But then other spider mites destroy and kill the plants. And some are easier to get rid of than others it seems. Hopefully this bonide systemic spray works. But I think it already is working.
My Madagascar palms had some spider mites for awhile but I got rid of them but they didn’t seem to cause any damage is what’s weird. Not sure if they would’ve eventually. But also not sure what type of mite it was.
@SirLiquorice I need to get some of that!
@TruthfulApricot I have two from bonide and both seem awesome. On is a systemic that is granules mixed in the soil absorbed thru the roots when watering and one is a spray
@TruthfulApricot the granules saved a couple plants form a horrible mealy bug infestation that wouldn’t go away not matter what. The sprays all damaged the plant even worse. But after using the granules now all the bugs have been gone and the plants look better than they ever have
@SirLiquorice Thank you! Another question… I have Neem oil and fertilizer, and Bonide Fungicide is coming today. Anything else I should have on hand? The fungus on my Panda Plant is the first issue I’ve had in over 4 years and he came with it!
@SirLiquorice So use the spray only when things have gotten really serious?
@TruthfulApricot I am probably going to start using systemic poison in any of my plants that aren’t edible. Or any that I don’t plan on eating fruit from or anything. I’m going to start using it twice a year as a preventative so I don’t have pests in the future. Stop them before they start. The one I repotted last night I mixed in some systemic granules from bonide into the soil. Stop the bugs before they ever arrive. Prevention is much better than fighting a bad infestation out of nowhere later.
@TruthfulApricot so you won’t need much else if you do that. That will probably eliminate the need for neem oil or anything since it works much better anyways. And neem oil can damage some plants if you aren’t careful. The sprays I used harmed the new flower buds on my baby toes I just got. It had aphids bad. They should be gone now but so are the flowers. Either the safer end all or the bonide 8 seems to have killed the flower buds and wasn’t killing the bugs
@TruthfulApricot and it’s frustrating having to spray the plants every day. So systemic is now going to be my go to unless it’s an edible plant
@TruthfulApricot what soil do use for cacti and succulents usually? I have tried a few but there’s one I like the best. I also want to try some more top soils. Akadama is one bonsai soil I want to use as a top layer but it costs a lot since it’s from Japan
@TruthfulApricot I want to try planet deserts soil also. I’ve bought plants from them but never just their soil
@SirLiquorice I have a mixture of different plants in different soils. Some are in a mix from a recipe that I got on a website some years ago. It includes diatomaceous earth and a couple of other things I don’t remember. Unfortunately, while it dries out really well it turns to absolute concrete when it dries. I have repotted most of those into 50/50 soil/Capt Jack with some in 100% of the Gritty Mix. (At the time I was unaware of all the controversy about it.) I literally had to chip it out of some of my pots to clean them when repotting! At this point I don’t have a clue about what’s best. 🤔🥹🧐🤪
@TruthfulApricot so far for cacti and succulents the rabbit hill farms soilless cactus mix has been great. Everything does well without rot issues and I have been able to get cuttings and pups to grow roots using that soil. So far it’s my favorite cactus mix.
Just seeing you post. I am sorry for your struggles ALL. Life is hard. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You are not alone.

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