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Pssst... πŸ‘€... @OKIEgrnthmb and @TJphilobsessed my 9 newest philos. 8 more in about 2 weeks!

These are in MUCH better shape than my first Ecuador orders. I'm getting them setup in sphagnum moss to establish roots for a while.
@AwesomePlants WOW they are BEAUTIFUL!!!😍😍 So glad your new philos arrived safe and in wonderful shape!!!
@OKIEgrnthmb the leaves are good. I need to put them in moss so I haven't seen roots yet. Hoping no rot. I can work with minimal roots and be patient. Waiting for the next sale so I can order my next philo batch.
@AwesomePlants what other philos are coming in a few weeks??

My ecuagenera order should ship next week I think πŸ€”
@OKIEgrnthmb here is the next round I should be getting. Ordered another pink princess. I want to prop some for my great niece. My US PPP was a good size and established so I'm interested to see how the Ecuador one turns out.
@OKIEgrnthmb what's your next shipment?
@RJG since you questioned my Philo commitment πŸ™„ because I've been quiet on my new philos, here goes:

((in my sister taunting voice))

Na, na,na, boo, boo,
My Melano is bigger than yours bruh 😝 lol
@jcPlantProper @OKIEgrnthmb My Summer Glory isn't as lush as yours, but excited!
@AwesomePlants still pretty!!
@AwesomePlants I got a PPP from's not to pink.....but looks like new leaf will have lots of pink! I will share a pic here in a bit!!

As for my next shipment, I ordered......
@AwesomePlants here is my PPP
@OKIEgrnthmb oh yeah! I remember now. I still think they sent you a Burgundy Princess with low variegation. It looks big and healthy though. The PP I got on the US site has extremely high variegation. If I don't see pink like my US PP, they're gonna have to replace it. I bought this other one specifically to chop and prop for giveaways so it needs to be PINK πŸ’– pink lol!
@OKIEgrnthmb the fibrosum is so cool looking. You'll like all of those. I don't have the Tenue YET so I'll be interested to see yours. I'm in love with all the Verrucosums. I want them ALL! Also want all the Gloriosums.
@AwesomePlants those philos are FANTASTIC!!! I will never be able to catch up unless I get a bigger house!! But I can have have fun seeing yours…..drooling over here in Texas!
@AwesomePlants I would have given you a cutting of my zbirle Marx but I thought you already had one!
@TJphilobsessed I do, but it's looking pretty sad. Wanted to see if this was more established.

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