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#freshleaffriday Hello! I am new here and have just gott...


Hello! I am new here and have just gotten back into them after discovering the wonder of modern LED grow lights. My house sits at an angle to the compass and has a average windows, so I gave up on most house plants. But I do have a "Lemon Lime" jade plant that's been hanging out in the kitchen window and existing for 3+ years.

But 2 weeks under a grow light and she is busting out in new leaves! Meet Sprite, my wonderful jade! #crassula
Wow! She’s a beauty! 🀩πŸͺ΄
Welcome to Greg!! πŸͺ΄πŸ’š
So exciting! New leaves are the best 🌱
@GeekyPlantLady I'm getting a vision of you buying more plants soon 🀭