Posted 1w ago by @ThePlantDadLife

@YammieOf3 and I got to meet @RavenBlair2022 at my Plant Swap today! This is our #selfiesaturday submission!Another #northtexasgreggang member! Yammie was telling EVERYONE about Greg!
#plantswap #theplantdadlife #greggang #greginyourcity
Today was so much fun. @ThePlantDadLife Jason, thank you so much for all of your hard work getting everything coordinated today.
@RavenBlair2022 SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU COME OUT!!! Couldn’t come cause of a class but I’m happy you all had fun for me :)
Come to jersey one day i will will meet u all ✌🏻
@RJG if there's ever a Greg Community Ambassador badge or award, I nominate @YammieOf3. Every time we have a meetup she's telling everyone she can about Greg!
@ThePlantDadLife that's what the leaderboard for referrals is right now! @YammieOf3 have you been giving out your code? I can make you a QR code!
@RJG well what can we do to boost her rankings! πŸ˜† she's like a door to door solar panel or pest control salesman, just much nicer 😊
@ThePlantDadLife that's what I'm saying I need to get her a QR code and make it easyyyy
Thank you @ThePlantDadLife for my #wishlistplant #SwissCheeseVine! And @YammieOf3 thank you for making me and my family feel so welcomed. Looking forward to seeing y’all again! @ShinyBudew hope you get to come next time!

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