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So a while ago I posted about how worried I was that four...

So a while ago I posted about how worried I was that four (!!!!) leaves in my Red Siam #Aglaonema suddenly became yellow and droopy, no obvious reason (meaning: no overwatering, fertilizer, repotting etc).

I mentioned in that post that I had become used to my Aglaonemas suddenly dropping leaves in order to grow new ones, but it was the sudden factor and the quantity which scared me.

I decided to go hard or go home. I finally repotted her (up a size), let the yellowish leaves drop down and wouldn't you know... never seen her colors as bright, and look at this #NewBloom in the middle! And would you believe if I told you it's been only four days since it first appeared?

It took a few weeks after the repotting, but it looks like all she needed was space to breathe and develop, as was mentioned in the comments.

This one was a gift, so I'm excited to see how it develops.

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3ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
@Gustavo This is encouraging for me. I have a Siam doing the same thing, so I'll try giving it a refreshed living space and 🀞 that it helps mine as much as it did yours. πŸ˜€
Well… You figured it out and she’s happy now! Yay 😁!
@Gustavo thanks for the information! This is very good to know. Wonder how many plants just need a repot to give new life..πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ˜.
Nice @Gustavo
I had to take mines out the soil and put it in a water Vase he's coming along slowly ☺️
@CourtlyKingfern I should mention (kind of a disclaimer! LOL!) that this one was in a very small pot, and didn't develop much for months. However, my Aglaonemas tend to take a long time to develop - following advice found here on Greg from friends I avoid repotting unless necessary.

So maybe it was, in fact, time for repotting.

I also had to repot another Aglaonema because the pot fell out of my hands (mentioned it in another post) and it was also to a bigger pot. I will keep you guys updated on both. So far, so good.

My usual seller believes one should not repot unless absolutely necessary, which is what most follow - the go-to rule. However, with the knowledge I gathered so far, I tend to believe some plants (and I don't even mean the ones bought in Walmart etc) may need to be looked at carefully and transplanted after a few months/weeks/etc. to develop better. I will research more, but when I first started planting, I did this, and it worked wonders too... anyway, I'll update more as soon as I have more! :)
I also see plants developing when I order them and they come pot-free, in sphagnum. Then I have to wash the sphagnum off (clean the roots) and plant them. I did this with my Philodendron Ornatum, and it's been thriving - I know before it was planted/taken off somewhere, after all, they don't just live out in the open LOL
Anyway, just food for thought.

I’m thinking about repotting one of my Aglaonemas soon, and I’ll receive some philodendron pot-free too, so more to test.
Update: growing stronger than ever!