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Leaf maturity reversion experiment

So I noticed my R.Tetrasperma’s (pic1) newest leaf was reverting pinnation (losing slits) Its either the lack of light due to winter 🥶 or it wants to climb. So I checked her roots out (pic 2) and they were good enough for me to warrant a bigger pot with a trellis. I was going to put my calla lily (pic 1)to sleep (cough cough of course I needed to steal her pot) for the winter (dormancy period) but her roots looked so good and juicy (pic3) that I just popped her into a slightly bigger pot. So this is my minima in her new home, with her little trellis. Hopefully my next leaves will have full pinnation, I will keep you all updated! If that doesn’t work I will work on more light then finally more fertiliser. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #experimenting #Trellis #RhaphidophoraTetrasperma #CallaLily
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Ahhh!! #RootPorn 😍😍😍
@kscape Knew I forgot a tag hahaha thanks! 💚🌿

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