Posted 1w ago by @HoyaAddict

It’s getting all dark and cold here in (vic) Australia, so I thought I’d throw some lights in my cabinet to give them a boost for winter. Don’t laugh (go ahead) they’re aquarium lights 😅 I measured 2200 lumens so they are doing something!
Nice! 🐠😆👏
Jasmine!! I was loving your moments and what really caught my eye way your YARD!! Look at that jungle!

Could you post pictures of your yard? 😁 Is love to see all the plants out there. (:
@sarahsalith Sure! I’ll give you summer pics (looking sad and wet right now haha)
Cool! I'm looking forward them them. (:
@sarahsalith I did a post and linked you. Did you find it?
@HoyaAddict 😒 No. I'm looking again.
@sarahsalith I linked you, hope it works

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