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Philo the heartleaf philodendron He brings me the most j...

Philo the heartleaf philodendron

He brings me the most joy because he's always pushing out new leaves.

Now that I use 100% neem and water his leaves are so bright and shiny! #philodendron #heartleafphilodendron #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantmom
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
@Travanote1 well they don’t call it a sweetheart plant for nothing. lol. I used to find these plants uninspiring, but that was before I appreciated their versatility. I’d like to train them to crawl across my walls. I have a similar plant not the same one but a similar plant that’s at least 12 feet long going across one by walls and I have a Pothos which is also similar that I’m in the process of getting long enough so that I can weave it into my art like the other vines Did you know those plant can actually get quite large. it’s presently it’s juvenile state, but when it reaches its mature form, the leaves get much much bigger. You can train it to a corner of your room in the right pot get out of there.
Beautiful!! 😍 I love my philodendrons!
@TexanExpat oooh is that a cebu Blu or a Baltic Blu?
@Travanote1 this one is a cebu blue. You can tell the difference by the shape of the leaves and the color. The leaves of cebu blue, from the Phillipines is a grey/green/blueish hue known as β€œGlacous” and has elongated shaped leaves. Baltic blue is related, but has a darker blue green hue without the silvery overtones. Moreover the Baltic leaves are larger as a juvenile and tend to have the lobed fenestrations as a juvenile, while Cebu develops fenestrations as it matures beyond its juvenile form. I had the Baltic. It it had a fungus so I returned it to Home Depot. The Cebu blue to me is just a mesmerizing surreal hue. I was actually thinking of painting the pool house I’m living in this color (sadly no pool but I love the privacy).
I love my heart leaf too, tried and true! πŸ’š
This is like my dream plant. And I miss my dead dog