Posted 3w ago by @ForFoxSake

Did you know Funko is making mugs now? I don’t know what plant is going in here but one must!

DIY #GregMug since @RJG is holding mine captive.
Fun fact that a solo cup fits perfectly inside #nerdsunite
I personally hid yours ona MARTA train but I'll never tell which one
@RJG they can keep it lol. It’s Smarta to not Marta
@RJG luckily our Marta train only has one track that runs north and south with one deviation that goes west to the airport. If you thought we had public transportation lol nope. They only take you to questionable neighborhoods
I did not know! Thank you! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
@ForFoxSake I was born in Fulton. I know
That may be worth a Marta trip!
#gagreggang would you ride Marta for a cute Funko mug?
aw that’s so cute πŸ’•πŸ’•!! now groot can help take care of your plants
Who's the lucky winner that gets to live in there?
@tmbryant37 it’s a streptocarpus cape primrose propagation currently
That would be a perfect match for my little Groot planter. Groot sits there making googly eyes at the other plants 🀣
@ForFoxSake Maybe it can be like a rotating trophy. Whoever grows the most in a month gets to live in the mug the following month.

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