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Yesterday I gave my flower beds a complete overhaul. It was getting overgrown with faded coneflowers, irises, bee balm, hostas, and goodness knows what else. I ripped out most of itβ€”I’m ready for something new. I gave it fall vibes with mums and pumpkins. It started raining just as I started adding mulch, but I was determined and worked in the rain. Now it’s neat and tidy, and I’m already thinking of what to put in it next spring! #OutdoorGrowing #OutsidePlants #outdoorplants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
Lots of pumpkins, and even a few succulents πŸ˜‰
I feel so relieved just looking at this and it's not even my flower beds πŸ˜‚ We had had to put a ton of work into overhauling ours since we moved in and it feels like they aren't even close to done, but maybe they will look like this some day 🀞🏼
Wow! So bright and cheerful! Looks awesome!! 😊
@PlantMompy it’s really very comforting to just start ruthlessly ripping everything out so you can start fresh! I wish I had taken a before photo but it was a mess. Never underestimate the power of fresh mulch! Lol. All it takes is waking up one day and saying, β€œToday is the day,” and you’ll get a lot done! Fall is a great time to do it because it’s less hot out and you won’t feel as guilty ripping out plants that are fading anyway.
Love the pumpkin. Its like you're ready for halloween
I miss hostas but they would fry here in the desert. Beautiful garden!
@EagerPhlox thank you! @Sleepysunday I’m totally ready for fall! πŸŽƒ It’s only 64 degrees here right now and I’m loving it! @TheGoodWench I bet there are some amazing succulents in the desert, though! It actually rained here SO MUCH this summer that it killed my sempervivums. πŸ˜” It’s been the Soggy Summer.
BEAUTIFUL 😍 🀩 πŸ‘Œ 😘 Looks like you were working hard. It shows.
@Stall54Jo it wouldn’t have been so bad if it hasn’t rained on me the entire time. πŸ˜†
Love the fall decorations hun 😍😍

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