Posted 1M ago by @GourmetBeech

Any suggestions for the left. I’m color blind but I can tell it’s not the same green as the right.
They both look healthy to me
Are they the same strain? Could just be variation, I agree…they look very healthy
And the same green....left seems lighter but I think that is the position of the light. Both look deep green and healthy! Happy growing!🥰
Thanks for feedback. It is same strain. First time growing so lots of learning. I just didn’t want to wait until it was too late. The leaves are wilting on the edges. Containers have lots of holes for draining.
I agree with @RJG and @PlantEsteem - I think it's just the lighting. Do you turn them?
Oh, and welcome to Greg, Ralph! (:
Cannabis can handle being a Iittle moister....could be wilting because they are thirsty....🤔🤔
@sarahsalith yes I do. Thanks.

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