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Thinking about buying some cutting from etsy and doing a pothos pot of all the pothos in one pot. πŸ€” Has anybody done this before? #etsyplantcuttings #plantlover #plantfriendsarethebestfriends #newplantidea
A few people have! I believe they are all using the hashtag #monsterpothos
@ManyLime @Mrgncrch @kscape
@PlantMompy Is right!!! Definitely go for it! I have a few different kinds of pothos and scindapsus and I know @ManyLime is making one with philodendrons and Monstera clippings and a little bit of everything!
Yup! @ManyLime started #monsterpothos and some of us with abundance of Pothos have joined!

These are my small ones since these are the only ones I’ve had.

πŸ“Έ In order:

β€’Manjula, Snow Queen, Marble Queen & Neon
β€’N’Joy & Global Green
β€’Snow Queen & Marble Queen ✨
@Misty I would be willing to send you some pothos cuttings if you want... so that you don't have to buy so many from an etsy shop. I have a bunch because #iminlovewithallthepothos
You can email me if your interested.

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