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Managed to snag this aquarium today for free! Quickly turned it into a new plant cabinet (of course haha) this one dedicated solely to @Gordo All of the babies you gave me are here (expect the Cryptantha that died 🙈😭😭😭) They will have the benefit of two windows and two lights. Not totally enclosed for humidity but I’m sure they’re happy! #unclegordo #HappyPlants #cabinetlife #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
Oh that looks so awesome 🤩. Love it. They look great in there. The philodendron silver cloud is so slow to push out the first leaf 🍃. Mine is taking so long also. Looks like there’s heaps more space for more 🤪.
@Gordo Eeee my silver cloud has me on tender hooks haha it’s so close now! I’m so so excited 😍My domesticum and squamifernum were suffering from root rot (you really soaked them hahaha, I left them to dry out for months and everyone else did apart from those two) so they’ve recently been repotted and I think they are both making a comeback! Everyone else seems super happy! Glorious, subhastatum and hastatum being the fastest 😃 they’re unbelievably fast! Thank you so much! I love each and every one of them so so much! I was going to make it a philodendron cabinet and pop my prince of orange, billetiae, pink princess and brasil in the there too but I actually prefer it being a #unclegordo cabinet!
@HoyaAddict I am going to cut some Hoya this weekend so I will see if want any. Not sure how many I will cut but will let you know. Glad they are all doing well. I have some other philodendron I have props so I will check your oasis and see if you have them also. Or Check mine and send me a wish list.
That’s cool. Great idea to make a free aquarium into a plant terrarium or mini greenhouse. Should help keep it more humid even if not sealed completely. You might be able to find a way to seal it a little more also. But either way it looks good
@Gordo You’re amazing 🤩 I will have anything you’re willing to part with! Every time I get a plant I check to see if you have it and you have most 😅 I can give some rhipsalis cuttings if you like them? Or a cutting of my anthurium?
@SirLiquorice Thanks ☺️ I converted a shop display cabinet into one too! Also a freebie! Haha 😂
Nice find!
@Gordo #UncleGordon wins again
Omg that’s incredible!!!!! It looks nice too!
Wow! So much better than fish!!!
That’s so cool! What a great idea
I love that!!!! It looks so awesome!!! 🤩🤩
I'd put a fishbowl inside there! Make a little jungle oasis for a little beta fish lol
@angelw1975 I have 3 fish tanks already and they’re all planted 😃 (cough cough of course, my plant addiction is everywhere) oddly enough my goldfish bowl…has plants 🤣 I turned it into a closed terrarium!

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