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´I will take good care of your plants´
I went on a holiday an my mom would take care of all my plants, she did a very good job except for one... my coleus. She forgot about him so he didn´t get water for 2 weeks and it was burning hot wheater.🌞 When I came back his leaves were falling of 1 by 1. But I didn´t lose hope. And now we are 2 months later and he´s doing great!
Photo 1: after my holiday 🤕
Photo 2: when I first bought him🥰
Photo 3: today 🤩 what a go-getter!!
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 15 hours ago
Looks so happy now 🪴😍
Wow! That plant bounced right back!! Good job!
Welcome to Greg Laura.
You did an amazing job, your plant looks happy and healthy.
Happy growing 🌱🌿💛
Beautiful! Love when they bounce back

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