Posted 1Y ago by @Sarahbklinger

I think that my string of pearls cross pollinated with my string of beads?! This is so cute, can someone confirm or deny my speculations? I cannot find anything of the sort online.
Hopefully my String-O will be half pearls/beads on day? #StringOfPearls #StringOfBeads #CrossPollination
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
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Crazy kids. Don’t they know how hard life will be? 🀣
No idea just came here to say they make cute babies 😍
It kinda looks like you have variegated SOP, though I’m not positive. Either way, they’re adorable!
I doubt that they cross pollinated, especially if you kept both plants inside. They have to be hand pollinated if kept indoors. Variegation takes place because of a mutation. It can happen spontaneously, and also revert spontaneously. Also, I think string of pearls and string of beads may be th same plant, Seropag
Oops, I was wrong; String of Pearls is Senecio rowleyanus and String of Beads is Senecio herreianus.

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