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What’s wrong with my plant? The leaves are all soft now a...

What’s wrong with my plant? The leaves are all soft now and coming off. I’ve followed the care instructions to the letter. What’s wrong? Is it dieing? #ZebraPlant #Zebraplantworld
6ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
If the leaves are soft, mushy, kinda gross looking then this could mean overwatering! How often do you water it and do you water it from the top or bottom? It needs good draining soil with a good draining pot and it’s good to water them from the bottom, but only when the soil is completely dry throughout it. I have one of these and typically water it every 3-4 weeks.
I agree with @itsjordan. If it is mushy from the center stem it’s had too much water and has rotted. They need good drainage, both pot and soil as well as good lighting. I’m sorry about your plant! 😞
@itsjordan I only water ever 3 weeks like the app suggested. I sit the pot in water and let it absorb for like 30minutes to and hour and then put up. It’s been a week and half since I watered and it looks like this. Should I repot to dryer soil or did I just kill it? @SilkenGrasspea
@Plants-N-Petals Hm, I would definitely lift it out and see what the soil looks like, and repot it into dry soil then put it somewhere with good light. I’m not sure if it’s too far gone, but you can at least try that and see if it helps and can dry up. The pot looks pretty crowded, so I’d check the roots and get a bigger pot if needed. Sometimes when I water, I have to gently and carefully tilt the pot and let water out. I personally don’t soak my plants, so that may make the soil wet for longer, may need even more time to dry in between watering if you do it that way. I just sit them in a tub of water for a few seconds and then let them drain
@itsjordan I will definitely try all your suggestions. I hope it’s gonna be okay but if not I will have definitely learned a few things
I would definitely recommend repotting. It looks like there are some pups that may be separated off, if the mother plant is rotted. I would use a cactus and succulent soil and add additional perlite. I do bottom water my zebra plant and some other succulents. I always check for moisture using a wooden skewer chopstick before watering. Sometimes they aren’t ready for watering even if the app says it’s time. After bottom watering, I use a piece of paper towel to remove excess water and let it sit on the paper towel towel for a little while. You’ll be surprised at how much moisture it removes. Caring for succulents is a learning process. I think every one makes a mistake or two !
This happened to my zebra plant because I left all the pups with the mother plant. Thankfully I was able to save the mother plant and pups by separating them all. Now I just have a lot more pots around the house!
@Plants-N-Petals I’ve noticed that depending on other factors involved (ie drainage, humidity) sometimes the algorithm overestimates the amount of water needed
You should probably not let it soak and water it less,I only water mine every 1.5 weeks
I was going to say over watering too. They do better with less water.
@UnerringMizuna I was watering ever 2-3 weeks. Still having issues with over watering
@GoldRye I have since lost the plant. But now have another one showing signs of stress. I haven’t watered it in over 3 weeks and it’s only in the last week it’s soft in center. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have two other that are doing great and need to be repotted but this new one is stressing me out