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#Peperomia #peperomiapals Finally, my sisters are united!...

#Peperomia #peperomiapals Finally, my sisters are united!

So as I always mention in different posts, I'm soon installing a few hangers in my room. Two of them are for these two pots - I bought the pots and hangers on sale, which is why I'm using self-watering pots for peperomias, but don't worry LOL we'll work it out.

I decided early on one of them was going to be for my Peperomia Hope, which I got directly from my Grandmother's garden. The other one was for a plant which was incredibly difficult to find where I live - the Watermelon Peperomia. I'm not sure why, as they used to be quite common. However, in the last few months, I could only find them for waaaaaaaaay above the usual prices... until, again, the same friend that gave me the Swiss Cheese Vines as a gift found out her aunt had lots of them and would gladly share with us!

They arrived yesterday - after being quarantined for a while - and were repotted today to wear the same colors as her sisters. Now I'm just waiting for the hangers to be installed and hoping they keep looking gorgeous #offthewall LOL
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So cool!! I love plants with a story, and plant families :)
Also it’s surprising how hard it can be to find a specific variety. I once had a heck of a time finding some nice medium-sized pothos in NYC of all places
We’re planning to add a shop to Greg soon, tapping into our partner network + plant database to make finding specific variants easy. We won’t take a cut, it’s purely a service for the community + partners (and we’re matchmakers of sorts). Would love to get your thoughts once you’ve used it!
@alex and honestly, they are not unusual where I live! Guess it was bad luck lol
But it took me over 2 months to find it - and it was just hanging out in my friend’s aunt’s garden! Hahaha
@Gustavo propagates and gifts are the best so good end result!
@alex that idea is amazing! I guess unfortunately it might take a while for me to use it because I think I might be the only Brazilian in this network. LOL but I love the idea and would be more than happy to help in any way I can!
@Gustavo lol! Yes will take some time to ship to Brazil πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ˜‚ but on the upside you have some amazing local flora and fauna.

You’re def not the only Brazilian though! Toward end of year we’ll upgrade the community and make it easier to find other locals.
@alex we def do!! And glad to know about the planned update! I love the idea! This app pretty much changed the way I live lol thank you so much
Congrats @Gustavo They are wonderful additions to your plant family 🎍🌱🌡Great find and great story!
@alex this sounds great
@Gustavo they are pretty
@FitBrowallia thank you!!
@Arid_oasis isn’t a fun story? I’m so happy it’s working! Thanks!
Adorable additions to the plant family! And so special that one came from your grandmother ❀️
@debbiedo a lot of my collection came from her! She’s 99! Hopefully turning 100 next January 1st! ❀️ can you believe it? Still going strong and planting like crazy hahaha
@Gustavo definitely who you want to take after πŸ₯°
I just got a watermelon peperomia yesterday, too! What a coincidence ☺️ Love your new plant babies πŸ’š
Update :)
flowerFairy">@flowerFairy love the color! Mine is a bit darker but seems to be just as healthy! Love them
Yes both appear healthy! Lucky us πŸ₯°