Posted 2w ago by @Ms.Persnickety

#FreshLeafFriday #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #PlantEnthusias #crazyplantlady I think 🤔 I missed @RJG Today’s “Yay it’s Friyay again”post. So Happy Friyay everyone! #FreshLeafFriday I will show some new leaves and new growth: The first three are Philodendrons that are doing nicely, knock on wood 🪵. Then there’s the lemon lime prayer plant. Last but not least a still some what new Ficus Audrey. @RJG I hope you’re doing well and that you had a good Friyay 🤣😂👍
About to see a concert 👀
@RJG Enjoy 😊
So beautiful all of them

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