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Okay SO just walked up to my #ArrowheadPlant (for the tho...

Okay SO just walked up to my #ArrowheadPlant (for the thousandth time today) and suddenly noticed something. He’s got thrips. I immediately went and mixed up some soap and water sprayed him all over underneath his leaves and on top then gave him two good rinses with water. This is another first. So far have NOT seen anymore mealy bugs on my other plants so let’s hope this gets resolved and I caught it quick enough. He’s actually in a bowl of water instead of soil. He’s been doing GREAT so hopefully with not being in a pot these things will be gone. Never a dull moment lol. pests">#pests #Thrips #Syngonium #ProtectiveMamaMode #Blah
7ft to light, indirect
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
I’m glad you caught it so soon! The thought of thrips scares the hell out of me.
I feel like pests are easier to get rid of when the plant grows in water. (Nvr had thrips) You can just dunk the entire plant. Although you have to🀞🏻those suckers don’t hop over to a different plant. β€œNever a dull moment β€œ is a favorite phrase of mine and a planty friend. Glad you can laugh through it!
Keep an eye out. Thrips have an unusual life cycle and lay their eggs inside the leaves, not the soil. You might have to treat every 14 days until all the eggs hatch out.