Posted 1Y ago by @eric

What do you do with all of your mother of all babies?
I have given small potted plants such as this to my friends… seems like giving one is probably enough…
My spawn has plans to sell them at a “plant stand”, basically a lemonade stand, but plants. So currently there are DOZENS of tiny pots on our dining room table with wee babies.
I just like seeing how full of babies I can let the plants grow before they fall off
I have a cactus/succulent prop box I toss babies and dropped leaves into. It’s sort of a survival of the fittest in there. If things grow, I usually gift them to friends :)
This is the time I wish I could attach a picture! I have a wide, shallow, terracotta dish underneath my mother plant that has a layer of soil in it.

When I water the mother plant, I make sure to water the dish as well. There are so many babies growing from the dish and they are all sorts of sizes. I scoop them out, put them in plastic cups, and give them away at work.
Pictures in comments would be nice!

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