Posted 1w ago by @ShannonMHR

Sylvia my #aglaonema Silver Bays cousin has arrived πŸ’š Meet Gerty a #aglaonema Golden Bay. I must give credit to Planterina. Besides the sales when they say large they mean Xtra large. She is a stunner πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š #plantaddict #plantsmakemehappy #planttherapy
And now, I have another plant I want. Lovely!!
@wolfwoman if you go to Planterina they are having a 60% off 2 plants. They have a beautiful Diamond Bay as well. This perticular sale ends tonight. You should go check it out
@ShannonMHR I really do not need anymore plants. But we both know I'm gonna take my addicted behind over there to look. Thanks!
@wolfwoman your very welcome and I totally understand the struggle is real

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