Posted 1M ago by @CoolJicaro

Soooo I purchased two more alocasia, I added a cuprea and an azlanii that were both on my wishlist. I thought they'd be bigger but they look like starters. They're so tiny and so cute hoping they don't take long to start growing. #alocasiaaddicts #crazyplantlady
I am dying to add an alocasia to my collection!!! I just can't make myself pull the trigger because every time I see one it's $25 or more. I'm trying to hold out until my birthday and drop some hints to my spouse 🀣
@marthamaywho92 Most of mine I've gotten online for under $20 as starters, even the rare ones!! This is the etsy I prefer to use TheGreenEscape, every one I've gotten from there has been great and healthy. These are not from there
I'm obsessed with alocasia though!! Send your husband the etsy link with all the alocasia you want already in the cart 🀭

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