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Question for the experts…Today is Day #9 since starting on my Pothos water journey. I’ve got some roots in 2 of the 3. But the water is still very clear. Should I be expecting the water to be more murky so soon? Or does it take more time to brew like a tea bag? Or did I do something wrong? 😬 @kscape #PothosWater #PothosPack #ScienceWithGreg
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My water turns murky every 10-12 days so wait a few more days! If you can clearly see through and there’s no gunk pooled at the bottom, don’t change the water until it gets cloudy 💧✨

Also, I wait for the Rule of 3 (3 Roots, 3 Inches) to transplant all my water propagations to soil. If you’ll be doing this anytime soon, make sure you maintain the soil moist as the roots are used to growing in water!

Let me know if you have any other questions! So far LOOKING GREAT!! 🤞🏽✨💧🌿 @MrsSmith
@MrsSmith make sure this root & node are underwater! 😊😊
This is my Golden Pothos! It’s been “brewing” for about 11 days and I’ve not changed the water YET! It is starting to get a little dirty at the bottom, but I’ll most likely change in a day or two! :) @MrsSmith
@kscape No need to wait for other responses to mark yours the best 🙇🏾‍♀️ 😂Thank youuuuuuu!!!! I’m not sure if I plan to transplant the water props to soil yet. I mainly clipped them for the purpose of making the water. But if I change my mind, I’ll keep the Rule of 3 and your other advice in mind 👍🏾 The roots are nowhere near 3 inches so more patience for me. Thanks again. For the advice and the encouragement 💚💚💚
@kscape Got it!! Not even sure how it got out of the water in the first place. I don’t even think it was ever under. But it would’ve had to been in order to grow that root… either way I’m getting it under water right now 👍🏾
@MrsSmith Yesss! Love to see it though! I’m still working on some science to see if using Pothos water from cuttings compared to those with established roots make a difference! So I’ll be making a post sometime this week or tomorrow about this!’ 😊

The water could’ve evaporated a lil and left the nose uncovered! Just add a lil more water and you should be good! 😊✨💧
@kscape Yes there was no way to push it under as the there just wasn’t enough water. So I just added a bit more.
You are doing so awesome @MrsSmith !!! Your plants and cuttings are gonna LOVE you for this grow juice brew you are making. I've had this guy over a year.... can't get him out cause I didn't think it through....🤣🤣
A pothos stem in with my found purple tradescantia props.
Very nice @Annasea !! Love that jar!
@PlantEsteem just an old jar— thanks. Lemonade liquor— in home-brew mason-type jars 😘🍋🍋🍋

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