Posted 2w ago by @Herbalgreen25

On one of my previous post I asked if anyone went into the woods to get their plants! So I did it!!! S/O to my fiancé for helping me and since he’s from this area he knows Arkansas plants! I took videos but can’t upload them! So here is the only picture I took. Greg identified these as Taro! And That plant was at my local nursery for 30$ so this was a LITERAL STEAL! 🤍🪴✨ now time to plant the ones I grabbed and pot them up. Keeping one for myself & keeping the other ones for Christmas gifts 🤣😊 #plantsIfound #ditchplants #woods #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #Taro #ElephantEar #AlocasiaAddicts #PlantShelfie #holidaygifts
Very niceee 💚
That’s so fun!!! What an incredible find. 😁

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