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Hello and good morning all! I hope everyone is doing well. I’m sorry for my very long absence. I am trying to build back my oasis. Right now it’s basically nothing. I am waiting for weather to warm up before I get the plants in my hands. I am even having the seller to repot them for me. I lost way too many plants over 6 months. I would say close to 40 different kinds of pothos and the rest were tropical plants. All in all I lost possibly close to what I had last year before I lost what I had to begin with beginning of 2023 - 140ish plants. I have a few people that are helping me out from an amazing group on Facebook. They have taking me back to the basics on everything. Teaching me from the ground up. That group is my home. If anyone is on Facebook like @Sassylimey @AnthuriumQueen they know the group. It’s hard as hell for me and I sure don’t have the money to even cover all that I lost. I am just chugging along.

If anyone is on Facebook I would love for you to add me, please and thank you. #facebook Here is my link

I hope everyone is doing well and 2024 is treating you well too. #2024 This is what I have been doing with time is selling clothes, shoes, purses and so on with a friend of mine #courtneynunley #samiwaybright, #debbiewaybright, #amydeas

If you are on Facebook and would like to join a DRAMA FREE group please add me as a friend so I can add you.

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@KikiGoldblatt yes I can relate to that and I know how that agony be. You know what I like about your Micans’? it’s a survivor. Like you. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes being able to accept what is vs what isn’t always in our control can be the toughest part ? Does that make sense?. On this matter, I had a person say to comment to me one time that he had observed how I could have such darkness in my life and yet respond to it not with more darkness. It didn’t not give the world back what it gave me. Instead he saw in my environment someone who evidenced the darkness, but responded with light. He noted I responded to my doubts as to my own life expectancy with beauty and life…and he pointed about my bedroom at all my plants. I see these same qualities in you. I’m glad that notwithstanding the setback that you are choosing give the world back beauty and life. I can see from the comments how you missed by others too. Welcome back. And thank you for sharing. Last year I went something similar, although I didn’t share. You have great courage.
I’m so sorry for you loss when it warms up I would be more then happy to help you get some back I have lots I can take cuts from :)
I missed you. I’m so sorry about your loss. I know from personal experience, that losing plant is like loosing an old friend. 😢 I’m not on facebook, but I hope you will continue to keep in touch with your Greg family.
@KikiGoldblatt I was just wondering about you the other day. I'm so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. I took have lost several plants already this winter and am on the verge of losing more. But if you see any plants of mine you'd like to have a cutting of, I'm more than happy to share 😊 #plantswap #plantpals #plantsmakepeoplehappy
I’m so sorry friend! I will gladly give you some cuttings to help rebuild your oasis! Ever since moving to Florida my plants have tripled in size so I would love to share with you!
@KikiGoldblatt I’m so sorry to hear about your oasis and I had noticed your absence. You were such a passionate and engaging person on here I’m sure many felt your absence. I was gone for a lot of last year too trying to cope with life. I’m on disability myself and I am prone to bouts of chronic fatigue. I stress out sometimes fearing thar I’m going to lose my collection too—last week it froze here and I did not have enough energy to bring all of them in I hope they grow back. If you’re interested I had to trim back three Burke Marx philodendron in wall planter I have a bunch of cuttings I’ve been prorating I’d be happy to share. I will have to look up my password for Facebook I never use it since discovering all the plant and cat videos on instagram.
#everyone I am not sure when I will be back for sure. I’m still working on my Oasis here. I have 3 people who will be helping me out with plants.
I would love to have cuttings of anything because I have a grow station now. The next step is a humidity cabinet.
@SirLiquorice I was wondering if you have any cacti that you could spare or cuttings? Still learning how to prop cutting.
@Michelle5986 that would be awesome.
@Ada3 yes ma’am it is like losing a family member.
@Lifeis2short nice loving your aloe collection.
@PinkPrincess my favorite plant I want is a plain Jane monstera deliciosa.
@TexanExpat that kind of Philo is stunning. I feel into a dark black depression and I am still trying to push through it. I suffer from depression and anxiety sooo bad, I also have many panic attacks each week and it wears me down mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s hard for people to understand how we feel unless they deal with that as well. I used to be able to go to all the plants I had and they ALL helped me through it. Here is the only one that didn’t die on me and she’s growing like a weed. My very first prop that I had that didn’t fail on me, my Mican.
@TexanExpat wow that is so amazing. Thank you for sharing. You know I have that person to even tho I have never ever met her in person and that’s @Sassylimey. Sarah and I suffer from the same thing. She has such a beautiful soul and heart. She has been my anchor when I needed someone. I tell her ALL the time we are sisters from another mother. She has been a God Send. I love her to pieces. My only wish for her is to be able to get a car because she lives alone and has to rely on others to take her to places - she might kick my rear but she’s in her low 70s and I am 51 I’ll be 52 in March. . She’s in Ohio and I am here in Tennessee. We have such an amazing connection.
@TexanExpat here is my email -
@SirLiquorice here are the only cacti I own.
@SirLiquorice here are the only cacti 🌵 I own. The second one is I think dying on one side because it’s a bit soft and wrinkly.
@SirLiquorice First pic is well you can see all wrinkly and the other perfect condition.
@KikiGoldblatt I will gladly send you some pups/leaves for propagating. Just email me your address and I'll get them sent this week (that's a zero on the end after my name)
@Lifeis2short yes life is TOO short……Mariss.

Thank you so very much. 💕💯
Hi! I am not on Facebook but just wanted to say hi. I had wondered where you had been. I’ve been super busy and haven’t been on Greg nearly as much so I’m not sure who is here or not anymore. I can’t wait until spring also… I def have some plants that I don’t think will make it thru the winter. Love that variegated cactus! It’s so pretty.
@KikiGoldblatt just give that dehydrated cactus a good soak in a bowl of water and it should recover
I have the first and 4th cactus you posted myself and I also had the 5th euphorbia but cold weather killed it. The frost blanket wasn’t enough and I should’ve moved it inside