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The #lithopsarmy has invaded!

Thanks to @angelw1975 I am trying my hand at growing them from seed 🫣

Here is my process, etc. for those looking to try it out!

1. Mix is 50% perlite, 30% sand (idk, plant sand I found at HD), 20% Good Dirt soil. I did a lot of research and while basically everyone pots them without organic matter, everyone starts them in it 🀷🏽
2. Place a coffee filter over the holes in the bottom so medium stays in but water can still get out.
3. Fill each pot and pack to down slightly.
4. Butt chug.
5. Mix seeds with sand to spread more easily, sprinkle over the top. Make sure to label now if that's your thing!
6. Create some warmth and humidity for the first week? Month? Idk. We will see!

Thanks again, @angelw1975!
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We are gonna have the biggest #lithopsarmy everrrrrrrr!!!!
So cool!
I’m still scared to try seeds. I hope you have success with yours! Mixing them with sand is a great idea for spreading the tiny things!
@PlantMompy wishing you luck. I have polka dot seeds that I haven’t started yet. I may wait until next year to start this project.
@Jana85 I'll probably buy adults, too 🫣 I was debating jumping in and then with @angelw1975 offer I figured it was a sign to start there. Lol. You know I'll be asking you allllll the things in a year when they are ready to move into pots!
@PlantMompy you will know more about them than me by then!
Hi Everyone! I got my very first Lithops today! 😊😊😊 I have six different small ones. I am excited about getting them planted and growing. I’ll definitely have lots of questions for you experts. 😊😊😊

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