Posted 1Y ago by @martin

Propagating my philodendron brasil 🌱
I’m thinking Picasso is a good candidate for this new Greg pot. Yay πŸ‘ or nay πŸ‘Ž?
2ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Greg pot?? That's amazing!
As long as your pot has good drainage and you use a nice chunky soil πŸ˜‰
Hey, cool pot 😎
@carrie yes! Hand-crafted!
@rjg I had a feeling you and the #plantmafia would be interested 😊. The team just got them, we love the quality. Working on a plan share goodies/swag with the community. Stay tuned! πŸ‘€
@martin yah imma make them swarm this in about 35 seconds pls hold πŸ˜‚
πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ pls sign me up for a Greg pot, thank u
Wait how do I get a Greg pot?!
Love the Greg pot!! 😍
Love the pot!
πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ˜ neeeed a Greg pot
What does it look like in the pot? Please post a followup! 😍😍
I NEED ONE. Lol. This is a necessity
Kindly make Greg pots a ~thing~ kthnx
Check it out @user391048e2 πŸͺ΄ Everyone wants one of your pots!

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