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I just ordered my #HoyaKrohniana splash from Etsy… arrives around the 20th!! I’m super excited for it to arrive, but I’d love to see your guys’s plants while I wait! 😁😁
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splashy hoyas are the best hoyas !! im so happy for you :D
Omg that hoya is PRETTY!! I can’t wait for you to get it!! 😩🥹🌿

Here are my Hoyas that are rooting! The splash was given to me for free by this nice lady on FB market and the second, @AwesomePlants sent it to me!

Hoping they root nicely so I have a POT FULL of Hoyas 😩
Just got mine from Plant Proper! I love it!!! Can’t wait to see yours!
@tango Can’t wait to see your new Hoya acquisition, here are mine I have three so far and since I’m not allowing myself any new plants until October I just have to enjoy what I have😗😌🥲🤪
@strawberrymoon thanks!!! I’ve been debating for a while and I’m excited for this to be my first Hoya. 😊
@kscape yours are beautiful too!! So awesome to have plant friends. 😁 I’m going to trade cuttings with @Nightshade soon so we can each have 2 kinds of Hoya. 💕
@Lynnja so pretty! Is that the silver?? I almost got it. 😅 @Ms.Persnickety I was on a plant fast and broke for this guy… my new goal is January. At least. 😂
@tango thank you! Yes, it is the super silver. I wanted one with a different color. I need to join you in a plant fast.💪🏻
@tango WOW , January that’s like next year… That’s a very loooong time I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞🤞
@tango can’t wait for my cutting 😏😉
@Lynnja it’s beautiful!! @Ms.Persnickety Plant fasts are hard, but it’s so nice to finally notice the little things on existing plants. 😊 I try and limit myself to 80 plants as well- if I want another, since other plant has to go!! This doesn’t apply to cuttings of course… 😅
@Nightshade and neither can I!! 😉
@tango thanks to @PlantMompy I have one too. Love mine. Speaking of which Ashley post the Sweetheart Hoya. I love the way you have it displayed.
@KikiGoldblatt thanks for reminding me!! I'll do it today!

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