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Someone needed a drink this morning πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ
#rexbegonia #begoniamerrymaker
She perked up in an hour or so after getting her drink a day early. Love these plants, especially when they tell you what they want πŸ˜…
7ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
not a begonia owner but i agree!! it saves me so much effort when the plant tells me when they need water lol, i have to check my non succulents plant quite often bc they don’t deflate or feel softer like my sucs do >:( it’s one of the reasons why i love my pothos, she lets me know when she needs water!
@PlantsbyPav I love πŸ’• the before and after photos. Beautiful 🀩
@strawberrymoon I thought initially the stalks had snapped. Thankfully she was just thirsty. I don't have any pothos yet, my mum had then when we were kids. Any recommendations for best types?

I love tradescantia, and have been buying loads of cutting to start my own collection. Looking forward to seeing how well they grow once I get them potted up.
@KikiGoldblatt ah thanks. She is a pretty one. 😍
@PlantsbyPav oo i’m not too sure unfortunately!! i got a manjula as my first pothos and they’re supposed to be the most finicky- but mine was perfectly fine after the first few days of me getting to know her. lost a couple leaves in the process but she’s overall got no issues. the manjula are the prettiest imo but one thing i always wanted to try was to put a neon and a baltic blue together for the cool color contrast πŸ‘€ i think the njoy looks very cute too. since i got the most difficult pothos and had no problems you can probably go for any one you like :)
edit: just a heads up manjula are slow growing compared to other pothos!! but in my eyes she’s still pretty fast bc most of my babies are succulents lmao
@strawberrymoon thank you. I've booked in to a plant sale in London next week, so want to pick up a few baby plants. Will add to the list. I don't mind slow grow, means less repotting 😁
So pretty

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